Mathias Riis Andersen

Selected works


Broken Hearts; Auto Parts


UV Print on Aluminium 40 x 60 cm

Broken Hearts; Auto Parts II


UV Print on Aluminium 40 x 60 cm



UV Print on Aluminium

30 x 40 cm

Remain Forever (2022)

Polystyrene, MDF, glulam, cement filler, PVC pipe,

machine enamel, jackdaw

text about the work:

Bedre internet på djk kampagne t-shirt (2022)

Cotton t-shirts with Rhinestone print

with Helle Kongstad Holm Petersen

Artist Statement Quest (2022)

A play for 9 actors generated in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence.


Emma Goes outside - my Corgy_husky dog likes to talk.. (2021)

Installation // video loop (15:10 min)

Porcelain armor, ceramic ears and legs, sound, video loop, woodcut, drawing,

cardboard dog, Papier mache mask, list of YouTube videos used to generate dog barks

Rumour (2021)

Video 5:29

Default Cube // BITCH (2020 -> still active)

Temporary Exhibition space inside Gamer Computer // Online Exhibition space

Soft Dog (2020)

installation and video 2:35 min

Silver Nail Extension radio removal tools, Car Radio, Speaker

(Soft Dog- Stills from film)

V:I/O (2020)

Video with sound, 6min

Animated musical where humans run after e-scooters turning into drones and flying away.

(V:I/O - Stills from film)

(V:I/O - Stills from film)

Scooters and Drones (2020)

Lasercut in plywood (50x80cm)

Lasercut in plywood (60x80cm)

Scooters and Drones (2020)

Lasercut acrylic brochure holder (16x24x10cm)

Printed and folded manual (scan on next page)

(the manual)

In between lips (2019)

motors, electronics, silicone cast from the artist’s mouth, bronze casts from the artist’s body, vape with strawberry flavour (1x1x1,8 meter)

Electronic nails studio (2019)


electronically enhanced fake nails, laser emitting diodes, laser pointers and sound generators

Erhard Mitts’ journey (2019)

Video with sound 10. min

text in Danish, speech (poorly) in German

The failed journey of a german sound artist

”Black quartz. My Crystal Microphone is finished”

”They say i look like the lonely man on the mountain. Behind my equipment. From a tale in the school.”

Silent Sound Manipulation System (2018)

sculpture with (unhearable) sound (50x50x50cm)

electronics, tape loop, tape player, welded metal chassis, wet clay,

cartoon (handout)

Sonos Satae (2017)

interactive sound installation with sounds generated from plant signals

Plant Concert (2017)

performance with sounds generated from plant signals